Picking a Christmas gift for your mom can be difficult. While she deserves the world, you may not always have the ability to give her that. Instead, you may have to pack all of your love and respect for her into something that you can fit in a box. Here are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for mom this year.


A woman always needs a good handbag to take all of the essentials with her. Many will not splurge on something really nice for themselves, which is where you can swoop in. Upgrade her bag to something that will last a long time and go with every outfit. If you are not the best at shopping for handbags, there is always someone in that department happy to work with you.

Memory Box

Moms love when something comes from your heart, like a wooden memory box that she can keep on her mantle or in her bedroom. A wooden box is sturdy and well built, meaning it will last a long time. It is also easy to personalize to her tastes, making it as intricate or as simple as you would like. Fill the box with personal notes, photos, and mementos to make it even more special. If you’re interested in buying your mom one of our handcrafted boxes, click here to see our selection.

Experiences She’ll Remember

Your mom gave up a lot to raise you, and she probably missed out on a lot of opportunities. This year, give her an experience. Buy her tickets to a Broadway show and a few nights in a hotel, or get her tickets to the football game. Find out what she wants to do and then make it a reality.

Spa Day

Get mom something to pamper herself with, such as an appointment at the spa where she can relax. Or get her beauty products that you know she would love but would never buy for herself. If spas and beauty products are not her thing, you may want to take her to a salon to have her hair cut, colored, and styled.


While it might seem cliche, giving your mom something sparkly is always great idea. Everyone loves a new pair of earrings or a nice necklace. As a bonus, she will think of you every time she wears it.

Your mom is the most important woman in your life, and this Christmas, she deserves something special. Whatever it is that you end up giving her, remember that spending time with her and the thought behind your gift are the most important.