Anyone who owns jewelry needs a place to store it. Many department stores carry basic jewelry boxes, and antique stores and craft festivals are good places to shop if you want something unconventional. However, if you want to create your own unique jewelry box, rest assured that it is not a difficult project.

The first item that you will need is a box or other carton. This can be any container of moderate size. An old cigar box, file box or even a shoebox will do. The important items to consider are that the box is the appropriate size to hold your collection, and that it is sturdy enough to stand up to daily wear and tear.

You can also fashion a box yourself. Some beautiful boxes have been created out of old books. Simply glue the pages of the book together, and to the back cover. Do not glue the front cover, as this will become the lid of the box. Once the pages have dried, use a box cutter or X-Acto knife to cut the center out of the book, leaving approximately ½ “ on each side.

Once the container has been obtained or created, the interior must then be modified. Storing all of your jewelry in a single large compartment will not protect the pieces from one another, and will also make it difficult to find a specific piece. Smaller compartments must be added or created. This can be done in one of two ways. Smaller divider walls can be added, creating smaller compartments out of one large space. Alternatively, another box or container that contains small compartments, can be selected to fit inside the first one. A multi-compartment pill box or even a heavy-duty egg carton will well.

A third option is to leave one large compartment, and use it to store jewelry rolls, that contain and protect your jewelry. These soft fabric pouches have many pockets for storing specific types of jewelry.

The inside and outside of the box can be decorated in any style that you wish. Paint, mosaic, decoupage, or mixed media techniques all work well. The inside can be painted or lined with fabric in a complimentary color. If space will allow, you can also affix a small mirror to the inside of the lid. Be careful to ensure that all paint, glue and varnish are completely dry before adding jewelry to the box.