Everyone knows that people make fun of moms for not knowing much about technology, but there is a subset of moms that love technology. Getting your mom a gift that will help her embrace technology and make her life easier. If your mom loves technology and you want to expand her horizons beyond her iPhone, consider some of these mother’s day gift ideas:

1. Kate Spade

Nearly every woman would love a Kate Spade New York bag. It is one of the most versatile and adorable fashion lines that also knows how to combine technology and fashion. Their line of bags with built in charging docks for various iPhone models will help her always stay connected on the go. (They do not have a model for Android just yet.)

2. Handcrafted Cord Keepers

Moms like things neat and organized, and that is exactly what our Cord Keepers do. These beautifully carved wooden boxes will keep your cables safe and organized without compromising the integrity. Made with cherry wood and a rubbed satin varnish, the appearance is as good as the usage. It fits up to two cords so will safely fit her Kindle charger, phone charger, or anything else she may need.

3. Fitbit Charge

Does your mom love fitness? Even if she does not yet, a Fitbit Charge might be the perfect gift. It allows your mom to track her fitness, and is a good push if she should be taking better care of herself. Your mom will be able to challenge her friends, set goals, and even participate in events and get health tips. As long as your mom has a smart phone, it should be easy for her to set up.

4. Smartphone-Controlled Garden Lights

Is your mom a gardener with a bit of a green thumb? If so, smartphone controlled garden lights are a great idea! There are plenty of styles, types, and colors that your mom can control with the tap of a finger. Some can even be changed with the colors with the seasons, great for techie moms that want to stay festive.

5. Amazon Prime

Does your mom like to shop online? If so, a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime might be a great choice. With free 2-day shipping, a selection of books, music, and television, and easy purchasing, your mom will always browse the shopping giant. You might even get some great surprises from your mom!