If you’ve ever surveyed the pill boxes offered by your local pharmacy, you’re not to blame if you think that all pill boxes are cheap plastic with the days of the week embossed on top. But pill storage does not need to be utilitarian and drab. With a little creative shopping you can find a pill box that you’ll be proud to keep on your counter or nightstand.

A pill box is just a manageable sized box with several compartments. Any decorative box of the proper size can be used. Boxes can be made of wood, soapstone, metal or any other material. For ease of cleaning, select a box that does not have a fabric lining. Wood, stone, or plastic boxes can be completely unlined. Metal boxes should be lined with another material to avoid interactions.

Keep in mind that the pills should be easy to access, and the box should be easy to clean. Each compartment should be large enough to hold at least a week’s worth of pills. If you have arthritis or other mobility issues, confirm that you can easily open the box and retrieve the pills you need. Also keep in mind that you will probably want to clean the compartments regularly. Most boxes will merely require wiping the compartments with a damp paper towel. Do not use furniture polish or metal cleaner on pill boxes as these substances can be toxic. A small amount of lemon or olive oil will restore the shine to a wood box.

If you have ideas of what you can use to hold and organize your pills, let us know in the comments section of this post.