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Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

2/12/2015 4:40 PM Posted in Useful Tips by Mike Fisher

If you've been together with your significant other for a long time, or you just don’t want to give the generic “chocolate and flowers” gift for Valentine’s Day, what are your options? There are a few choices outside of the proverbial box, and there are some that cost less than you would expect. With a little bit of creativity, Valentine’s Day doesn't have to be stereotypical, but instead can be a fun way to express your love for another person.Read more

Options to store and hold pills

6/24/2014 1:53 PM Posted in Useful Tips by Mike Fisher

If you’ve ever surveyed the pill boxes offered by your local pharmacy, you’re not to blame if you think that all pill boxes are cheap plastic with the days of the week embossed on top. But pill storage does not need to be utilitarian and drab. With a little creative shopping you can find a pill box that you’ll be proud to keep on your counter or nightstand.Read more

Most Expensive Jewelry Boxes

6/9/2014 2:36 PM Posted in History by Mike Fisher

Throughout history, jewelry boxes were handcrafted luxuries that only the wealthy could afford. Artisans created boxes for royal households, members of the clergy, and other affluent patrons who loved using them to store their valuable jewelry. Often the boxes were works of art in their own right, inlayed with precious gemstones and metals, as they needed to be worthy of the elite who would own them.

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Memory Boxes Perfect for All Ages

6/9/2014 2:30 PM Posted in Useful Tips by Mike Fisher

We live in a fast changing world and because of this, it is vital that we learn to stop once in a while and reminisce on the beautiful experiences that we shared with the people that we love. One great way to do this is to have your own memory box that can help store some of these special moments.

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Beginner Woodworking Projects

4/21/2014 12:09 PM Posted in Useful Tips by Mike Fisher

If you’ve just started woodworking, the first few projects can be daunting. You may only have a small number of tools, and do not have much experience using them. Here are some ideas for beginner projects that need few tools or specialized knowledge, and are useful items to have around.Read more

Make Your Own Jewelry Box

3/31/2014 10:37 AM Posted in Useful Tips by Mike Fisher

Anyone who owns jewelry needs a place to store it. Many department stores carry basic jewelry boxes, and antique stores and craft festivals are good places to shop if you want something unconventional. However, if you want to create your own unique jewelry box, rest assured that it is not a difficult project.Read more

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